is an interactive DOM XSS vulnerable website

What is DOM XSS?

DOM XSS is a vulnerability that affects websites and new HTML5 Web interfaces that make use of Javascript. Vulnerable Javascript can be abused for hacking into web sites. DOM XSS is a vulnerability in Javascript code referenced in the OWASP top Ten 2013 and as a consequence in the PCI DSS standard.

Learn DOM XSS with

This website will help you in better understanding how DOM XSS work with a list of exercises. This website is completely written in Javascript, vulnerable Javascript of course.

DOM XSS are Hard to find... Manually!

DOM XSS is the XSS in the DOM. This happens when Javascript is not properly coded, and malicious attackers could take advantage of it. Conventional tools cannot find it: if you can't find it, you can't fix it.
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